The ultimate gift
for your fellow music obsessive

Gift a membership to the music obsessives in your life – they’ll enjoy exclusive benefits at the club and online.

  1. Freaks with Benefits

    $8 / month*

    For everyday supporters: enhance your visits and get exclusive extras

    Buy as a gift

    What's Included:

    • Skip the line entry with up to 2 friends

    • Free coat check (when open)

    • 20% discount on all Elsewhere Shop orders

    • Weekly members-only newsletter

    • Exclusive Discord community access

    • and more

  2. Sonic Explorer

    $15 / month*

    For those who thrive on spontaneity & discovering new music. Explore the coming week’s calendar at half price, every week.

    Buy as a gift

    Everything in Freaks with Benefits, plus:

    • Limited 50% off tickets for you and 1 friend

    • Reservable within 7 days of event, first-come first-serve

  3. Patron Saint

    $45 / month*

    For aspiring regulars who know there are nights you can’t afford to miss. Enjoy unlimited free entry and special access.

    Buy as a gift

    Everything in Freaks with Benefits, plus:

    • Unlimited free entry, to most events

    • Bring 1 friend for 50% off

    • Access to sold out ticket reserves, when available

    • Reserve anytime, first dibs

* Billed seasonally in 3 month increments. Cancel anytime.

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Patron Saint

What's Included:

Never pay for a ticket to Elsewhere events (with rare exceptions).

$45 / month

What members are saying

"The Elsewhere membership has been one of my best purchases this year. Could wax poetic for hours about how exciting it is to get perks to support my favorite artists and see them live so regularly!"

“I really, REALLY love the membership program (and so do my +1s)! Elsewhere feels like my second home. Im trying to think about something negative to say, but I’m at a loss. I love the skip the line, free coat check, discord server, and obviously all the incredible shows I get to see!"

“Been a Patron Saint for over a year and it has been a fantastic experience. The best part is knowing my entertainment money is supporting my favorite club in Brooklyn which has done so much for promoting independent and minority artists in the music scene.”

“Absolutely amazing membership. The whole experience is great. From understanding the perks of the membership to payment to signing up for events. 10/10 would recommend anyone from seasoned ravers to someone who might just be looking for some new music to listen to.”

“I LOVE the line skip & free coat check perks.”

““i got the membership because i really enjoy elsewhere as a venue and everything you guys do there to keep it fun and safe :) i think it has great value fr keep up the amazing work guys!!!”

“I love my membership and I think it's a great value. Elsewhere puts on fantastic shows and the membership helps make me feel part of a community.“

“The discord group is an excellent pairing to the membership. There’s a wealth of information on there that I probably wouldn’t be finding anywhere else - whether it’s about new music, questions about perks, or connecting with fellow members, the discord group has been a ton of help.”

“I love my membership and I think it's a great value. Elsewhere puts on fantastic shows and the membership helps make me feel part of a community.“

“Everyone everywhere is pushing for some kind of subscription these days; congratulations on solving that in a way that doesn’t just feel like it’s exploiting your community!”

“incredibly worth it”

“Love it, really enjoy the members events and made my friends join so we could go as a group! Cutting the line in the rain once made the whole year of membership worth it!”

“Honestly I love it and gets me to go to elsewhere more. I love the free coat check in the winter. Very happy member who constantly recommends it to their friends. Will forever renew it and hopefully be able to afford higher tiers”

Members matter

Unlike many memberships, this program was not designed or priced to create “VIPs” within our community. It was built to allow the most enthusiastic supporters of our local music community to enjoy Elsewhere more often, more cheaply - and to form a deeper sense of togetherness with one another.

By becoming an Elsewhere member, you are directly supporting an independent venue and our mission to create a more uplifting nightlife culture, built around community.