The joy of radical music, for all and forever

Crowd dancing in front of DJ in the Hall

Elsewhere is a multi-room music venue, nightclub, and arts space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Our focus is underground and unbound music, presented with love. Since 2017, Elsewhere’s three stories of dancefloors and stages have been home to expansive sonic offerings for all New Yorkers to explore. We are and will forever remain fiercely independent.

Vibe together, thrive together

Elsewhere is for everyone. We create spaces and experiences that bring people together.

Underground and unbound

We believe the future of culture knows no genre. Here you’ll find rockstars and rappers, metalheads and ravers, vinyl nerds and punks, folk singers, old-school house heads, baile funk crowds, hyperpop producers and probably everything else.

Soulful nights

Transcendent music reminds us that a better world is possible. We try to spread that feeling every night. Discover new artists, meet friends & lovers, celebrate music and leave your day behind.

Come as you are

"I’m so grateful for Elsewhere, as both a performer and concertgoer. The staff puts a ton of effort into making every show safe and enjoyable for everyone. The space is incredibly versatile - it can be warm and intimate and also a sprawling club for late night adventure. I’ve loved my experiences performing, and of course rolling up regularly to catch my friends’ DJ sets - it’s always a great time."

— Yaeji

Memorable Nights

October 31 2017

Memorable Nights Halloween
Memorable Nights Halloween

We were barely done with construction when we opened our doors for the first time on Halloween 2017, welcoming the community back after a few years without a home venue, for a costume party and performances from BATTLES, Combo Chimbita, Cakes Da Killa and many others. Now we celebrate our anniversary on Halloween every year.

February 8, 2018

Memorable Nights Sophie

October 11, 2018

Memorable Nights Cabaret Law Repeal

February 22, 2019

Stage Performance Brooklyn

June 28, 2019

Night Rave Party

August 30, 2019

Legendary Paradise Garage venue

February 23, 2021

Gonzo Interactive Livestream Show

"Loving Elsewhere for giving me a space to hold my crazy line ups and believing in my vision, treating all of the artists really well, and having the best staff ever including security, sound, bar and door."

— Jubilee