Stage Clothes with RYL0

We talk stage clothes with RYL0 → the outfit checklist, mixing rave gear and 2010s pop looks, and the secret to giving Popstar.


By Elsewhere@elsewherespace


What have you been wearing on stage? Anything new you've been liking?

ryl0 (@rylo_0)

I’m all about movement – I take up a lot of space on stage and after every set, I always wake up really sore. I make a point to wear pieces that best accommodate my body when I’m jumping around and dripping sweat while also trying to look as sexy as possible.

I don’t really have a specific signature item that I’m always wearing yet but the formula for a RYL0 stage outfit is more a less:

• Sunglasses

• Tank Top/Sports Bra

• Bikini Bottoms

• Platforms

I just did two west coast dates on tour with Sophie Cates and when she complimented my outfits, I told her that my secret to giving Popstar is not wearing any pants. It was meant as a joke but it’s actually really accurate to what I typically wear. I love wearing bikini bottoms especially during the Last Resort era.

Do you collaborate with anyone? A stylist? A friend?

I typically style myself – it’s one of my favorite parts of preparing for a performance. I have a lot of fun with it, especially since it feels really similar to being a little girl playing dress-up to get into character. When I’m really trying to tap into the popstar persona, putting on the perfect outfit always helps me take on that energy.

I’ve only collaborated with a stylist once, and that was when I worked with my friend Hash to style me for the Subculture x Boiler Room show in December 2022. Anyone who knows Hash knows that she’s super tapped in so if I ever have any questions about specific designers or trend predictions, she’d be the first person I’d ask. I love fashion too obviously, but I’m less knowledgeable about the couture world.

Do you make any special pieces?

Me personally? No, but that would be cool. I have a lot of ideas but don’t draw or sew so that would be something I’d be excited to bring to another collaborator! I’m lucky since I have friends who are incredibly talented designers, so it’s bound to happen one of these days.

On my day to day, I’m almost always wearing Lenore Melo and Strawberry Western. Recently loving the Basic Pleasure Mode x Subculture collab too. I also have these hand painted upcycled jeans and a custom bunny hat that I always get compliments on, both by Elena Fortune but I don’t typically perform in a lot of these pieces!

I’ve never commissioned a piece for a performance, but I met a RYL0VE (Edward Snow) at a show I was playing at in Chicago and he was kind enough to gift me a matching camo set I ended up wearing like two weeks later! That look in particular made me extra proud because I paired it with the baby tee from the Basic Pleasure Mode x Subculture collab line and wore it at the 5 Year Anniversary Subculture Party. I take a ton of pride in representing creators/designers I know because it gives the outfit a lot more meaning and intention. Also it just feels good to support my friends directly in that way. My popstar closet would literally just be made up of infinite custom pieces from brands I know directly in an ideal world.

Where do you find stage clothes? Any fav shops?

I’m less specific about where I get things for shows! As long as they fit the moodboard, I can source from the most random places – flea markets, depop, instagram… nothing’s off limits! But Pinterest and Rave Wonderland are great jumping points when I’m not feeling inspired by anything already in my closet.

Before I had even booked my first show, I actually did this huge haul at Rave Wonderland when I realized that I had to start dressing like a popstar if I wanted to perform like one. That was in June 2021, and I kid you not, not even a week later I got an offer for my first set. I feel like my career really started manifesting by securing the wardrobe first which is funny but a common thread across all the shows I’ve played.

Now that my fashion sense has evolved a bit more, I like to mix the ravewear with some accent couture pieces for some elevated flare. I’ve been especially inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier and Versace for the Last Resort era.

Where does your sense of style come from? Any special sources of inspiration?

I would say my style is like a cross between festival raver and 2010s pop girl. I grew up super into EDM, begging my parents to take me to raves so I’ve always been into sequins, spandex, neon, and anything holographic long before I ever thought of releasing music myself.

I take a lot of inspiration from raves, burlesque, drag, and stadium pop icons. I’m always trying to figure out how I could best encapsulate the energy of someone like Beyoncé in a room with 250 person capacity. My go-to style icon is Charli XCX though. She nails the sporty chic look so effortlessly and I wish I could raid her closet.


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