Thursday·HiFi™ 2023.09.07

A fresh selection of tunes from the Elsewhere universe → featuring Australian industrial, perfect vocal chops, and outros so good they could be their own song


By Elsewhere@elsewherespace

This week on the HiFi ↓

SPK - Cry From The Sanatorium
“Australian industrial anyone?” -Heather, Production

Jeff Rosenstock - HELLMODE
“Jeff Rosenstock hits another home run.” -mike5710 on discord

cassö, RAYE, D-Block Europe - Prada (Extended)
“Ashamed to say I like this song” -Arianna, Booking
⮑ “same except i’m not ashamed! 2023 the year trance came back” -Mo, Marketing

Snõõper - Pod
“saw Snõõper this weekend at TV Eye and holy hell, wildest punk show I've seen in 3 years EASY” -Mo, Marketing

Ruby - Princess
“love when a song is this good and then the outro is good enough to be its own song” -Justin, Finance

Joel Corry, Icona Pop, Rain Radio - Desire
“Okayyyy Icona Pop” -husseinsafa on discord

LEISURE - Back In Love
“feels fitting for the in between seasons of summer and fall, groovy and catchy! Instantly had to play it again” -Rami, Booking

Pangaea - Installation
“been spinning this one in all of my bedroom DJ sets, vocal chops are on point” -Jai, Content

Mannequin Pussy- I Got Heaven
“I’m excited for whatever’s coming” -Tope, Booking

G.I.S.M. - Shoot to Kill
“RIP SAKEVI” -Seany, Ops

Σtella - Girl Supreme
-Hannah, Box Office

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