Thursday·HiFi™ 2024.01.25

This week on the HiFi 📡 – big tunes from Justice, Sammy Virji and Mk.gee + Amapiano and a curated listening experience from Blockhead.


By Elsewhere@elsewherespace

Update ↓

For the time being, the Thursday HiFi livestream will be on hiatus.

For now, we’ll keep sending you our favorite tracks from around the elsewhere-verse.

See you soon :)

This week on the HiFi ↓

12 new tracks we love this week:


Justice, Tame Impala - One Night/All Night


Ninajirachi, Izzy Camina - Ninacamina

Empress Of, MUNA - What’s Love

evilgiane, Bear1Boss - IDK NUN

MGMT - Nothing To Declare

Sammy Virji - Moonlight

Suki Waterhouse - OMG

MGNA Crrrta - Ohyaaa

Mk.gee - Dream Police

Jamie xx - It’s So Good

Scene-scapes ↓

by Josh

The infectious world of Amapiano was born in the vibrant townships of South Africa, where the only prescription is more cowbell—well, maybe not cowbell, but definitely more piano. The genre typically features a slow tempo ranging from 90 to 105 beats per minute, setting it apart from other EDM styles. Amapiano, literally meaning “the pianos,” is the prominent use of piano melodies. It's often played with syncopated rhythms, adding a soulful and melodic dimension to the tracks. This, combined with the utilization of electronic synths, creates a unique sonic landscape that packs a punch. At the forefront of its creation lie figures such as Kabza De Small, Uncle Waffles, Vigro Deep, and Focalistic. All have contributed to the evolution of Amapiano, infusing it with diverse influences and pushing its boundaries. With its unique blend of house, jazz, and kwaito elements, Amapiano continues to captivate audiences and has become a cultural phenomenon. So, whether you're a dance floor diva or someone with two left feet (there's surgeries for that), Amapiano welcomes you to the groove with open arms. It's a genre that doesn't take itself too seriously and reminds us to do the same.

Focalistic, Mellow & Sleazy, M.J, Paji Cooper - Tsela Tse Nyane
Felo Le Tee, Leemckrazy & Keynote - Yini Ngathi (Insane)
DBN Gogo, Shakes & Les, and Zee Nxumalo - Funk 55
Jarreau Vandal - Ede Weri (Srananpiano)
Vigro Deep - Soundcheck
DJ Libra - Ubomi

Curated Playlist ↓

Manhattan-based producer and local legend Blockhead gives us some inspo for his upcoming Zone 1 set.