Thursday·HiFi™ 2024.02.08

This week on the HiFi 📡 – new chunes from Vegyn, JEV and daine + some of the Elsewhere Staff's hometown heroes.


By Elsewhere@elsewherespace

Friends and lovers –

Welcome back to the Thursday HiFi – our staff-curated selection of the best new music and sonic experiences from across the Elsewhere-verse. This week is headlined by new releases from Vegyn, JEV and daine + some of the Elsewhere Staff's hometown heroes.

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This week on the HiFi ↓

5 new tracks we love this week:

daine, Kreayshawn - SHADES ON

Vegyn - The Path Less Travelled


Sully, Sâlo - Nights (Edit)

Mietze Conte - moo

Hometown Favorites
Tracks from the scenes that make the Elsewhere staff –

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth
New London, CT

PJ Morton, Yebba - How Deep Is Your Love
New Orleans, LA

DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World
Bay Area, CA

My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday
Louisville, KY

Takkyu Ishino - Alles nach Nippon
Shizuoka, JPN

Beastie Boys - Transit Cop
Manhattan, NY

DISPATCH - The General
Middlebury, VT

Warehouse - Super Low
Atlanta, GA

Ben Folds - Adelaide
Adelaide, AUS

Pinegrove - Visiting
Montclair, NJ

Scene-scapes ↓

Concert Visuals Outside the Swamp
by Skylar

(Flashing light warning for all video links in the body text below)

We’ve all seen the crazy vomiting Shrek and floating Godzilla visuals blowing up on socials from Excision’s recent Nexus tour, and they’re … a lot to take in. There’s a whole world of EDM concert visuals that really take things to the next level – far past Shrek’s swamp. Madeon’s recent Good Faith Forever tour shook the scene with its silhouette-oriented design that kept the artist shrouded in darkness, creating stunning scenes of color as he’s flanked by clones of himself, or even rising through stained glass on a massive hydraulic lift. The recent Synthesism shows from bass artist Eprom have touted robotic armatures that join him on either side of the stage, moving LED panels and creating complex geometric looks against devastating synthetic bass. It’s also hard to ignore Four Tet’s recent run of shows that revolve around LED string lights hung throughout each venue he plays, creating a 3D interactive visual environment for audience members to get lost in. With countless other jaw dropping stage designs like deadmau5’s Cube 3.0, Justice’s Woman Worldwide, and of course, Daft Punk’s iconic Alive 2007 pyramid, there’s plenty of glowing spectacles to dance and scream your heart out under that are at least a little nicer to look at than Shrek’s teeth.

Deadmau5, Gerard Way - Professional Griefers
KH (Four Tet) - Looking at Your Pager
Justice - One Minute to Midnight
Daft Punk - Human After All
Eprom - Irisoft Livemixx
Madeon - Imperium

Curated Playlist ↓

Iconic alt and synthpop band Hot Chip give you some pre-game fuel for their debut DJ set at Elsewhere.