Thursday·HiFi™ 2024.06.06

This week on the HiFi 📡 – our thoughts on new tracks from Nourished by Time, James Blake, Caribou and more.


By Elsewhere@elsewherespace

Friends and lovers –

Welcome back to the Thursday HiFi – our staff-curated selection of the best new music and sonic experiences from across the Elsewhere-verse. This week is headlined by new tracks from Nourished by Time, James Blake, Caribou and more.

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This week on the HiFi ↓

10 new tracks we love this week:

Nourished by Time - I Guess I Got My Answer
⮑ “An Elsewhere staff favorite with an unmistakable voice that occupies his own space of R&B, funk and electro sonics.”

Slow Fiction - There Were Stars In Your Eyes
⮑ “A standout track from an all around dreamy EP – Slow Fiction is a band to keep a close eye on.”

Jamie xx - Treat Each Other Right
⮑ “The hype train won’t slow down on this Jamie xx project. These singles have been crazy good.”

James Blake - Thrown Around
⮑ “A dizzying dance pop piece that really hits its stride toward the end. Plus he kind of looks like the Allstate mayhem guy in the cover, which is fun.”

Mietze Conte - mistake___
⮑ “Is this segment a covert Mietze Conte fan page? Perhaps.”

Sara Landry, Alt8 - Heaven
⮑ “Taking a quick detour from Landry’s dark and driving flavor of techno, the duo puts some bounce into this chune.”

Caribou - Broke My Heart
⮑ “Caribou is the artistic embodiment of doing more with less in dance music.”

Swimming Paul - Tell You
⮑ “Swimming Paul is the nostalgia king and champion of the “stutter house” movement right now.”

Floating Points - Del Oro
⮑ “Let this track loop at least three times while working today. Too locked in. Entrancing as always from Floating Points.”

SASAMI - Honeycrash
⮑ “The transition from their last Nu-Metal record into this lush pop cut is a surprising yet welcome moment for SASAMI.”

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