Thursday·HiFi™ 2024.06.13

This week on the HiFi 📡 – our thoughts on new tracks from underscores, Charli xcx, Confidence Man and more.


By Elsewhere@elsewherespace

Friends and lovers –

Welcome back to the Thursday HiFi – our staff-curated selection of the best new music and sonic experiences from across the Elsewhere-verse. This week is headlined by new tracks from underscores, Charli xcx, Confidence Man and more.

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This week on the HiFi ↓

10 new tracks we love this week:

KAYTRANADA, Childish Gambino - Witchy
⮑ “You can pick out a KAYTRANADA beat from a mile away, but the cinematic groove keeps you coming back for more.”

underscores - My guy (Corporate shuffle)
⮑ “A bratty, blown out B-side of Wallsocket in the best way possible.”

1tbsp - The City Never Felt So Good
⮑ “Clearly making reference to how good the city will feel during his rooftop set on August 9th. Shameless plug.”

Confidence Man - I CAN’T LOSE YOU
⮑ “Confidence Man at their very best – making rooftop dance pop bops.”

Good Looks - Self-destructor
⮑ “Make indie rock earnest again.”

Verraco - Sí, idealízame
⮑ “When you give your friend that ‘time to go’ look at the rave, this is the song for the blurred walk to the door.”

Charli xcx - Guess
⮑ “BRAT. That is all.”

2hollis - say it again
⮑ “Hyperpop. EDM. We have never been more back.”

Margaux - Picture It
⮑ “Summertime heartbreak music from an incredible local artist."

SWIM - The Ride
⮑ “Imogen Heap forever. A sample I will never tire of.”

Curated Playlist ↓

Cryogeyser's songs for pretending to read a book while you're on the L Train.