Stage Clothes with Fatboi Sharif

We talk stage clothes with Fatboi Sharif → performing in a ski mask & hospital gown, wearing his friends clothing lines, getting inspiration from family and Parliament Funkadelic


By Elsewhere@elsewherespace

Photo by Edwina Hay


What have you been wearing on stage? What have you been liking?

Fatboi Sharif (@fatboi_sharif)
How's it going, as of recent I've been performing in this hospital gown and a ski mask that I've been incorporating into my live sets over the past few months. It always gets an amazing reaction and I love the feel, vibe and energy it brings to the performances, it's like its own character. Lol. It was inspired by a music video I did a year and a half back called adolescence where I wore that exact outfit for the first time and it had a huge reaction so I figured let's take it to the live shows and amplify it.

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