Stage Clothes with Siena Liggins

We talk stage clothes with Siena Liggins → tapping emerging designers, collaborating with your BFF LOML stylist, & literal smoke coming off the fit 💨


By Elsewhere@elsewherespace


What have you been wearing on stage? Anything new you've been liking?

Siena Liggins (@sienaliggins)
For the last year, I’ve put a huge emphasis on working with designers who are emerging, queer, BIPOC, and/or representative of marginalized people groups. Sustainability has been important as well so a lot of archive designer pieces, upcycled garments, even consignment has come into play.

What I’ve really enjoyed is exploring the range I can tap into– how imaginative it allows me to be on stage. One of my favorite looks literally had smoke coming out of pipes on my back and it was INSANE.

One of my favorite looks literally had smoke coming out of pipes on my back and it was INSANE.

Do you collaborate with anyone? A stylist? A friend?

My stylist, BFF, LOML is Maddie Ivey. She’s a true fashion girl from Baltimore but we met in Atlanta. I think we bring out a lot in each other. I let her get weird and she let’s me be cool.

Do you make any special pieces?

A handful of custom pieces have been made. The interesting things is how many designers come out of the woodworks after they’ve seen the last thing I’ve done and are like “can I please make something for you?” And I’m like, “HELL YES as long as you come correct.”

Where do you find stage clothes? Any fav shops?

It’s an almost vicious scouring of the internet and places no one else would look that is required to find the good stuff. Whenever we have time on tour, we make sure to find the best places to shop vintage, thrift, or consignment. That’s a must. A recent favorite was Flower Child in Columbus.

Where does your sense of style come from? Any special sources of inspiration?

My sense of style is still evolving. Off stage I’m a creature of comfort so I’m really driven by what makes me feel good, but on stage I’m in a mode. A lot of what I wear is inspired by the beautiful people who make up the crowds and who listen to my music.


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