Stage Clothes with Swami Sound + Dazegxd + Gum.mp3

We interviewed Swami Sound, Dazegxd and Gum.mp3 from EldiaNYC collective about their stage clothes → Gorpcore, “HARD-SHELL”, the trucker hat + durag combo, feeling comfortable and cool with yourself in the public 👁️ , and clothing as a system, like a wearable Gundam or Power Ranger suit


By Elsewhere@elsewherespace

Swami Sound in NASH NY jacket


What have you been wearing on stage? Anything new you particularly like?

Swami (@swamisound)
I wear Gore-Tex articles on stage a lot. I feel as though it’s part of my character design but I get really hot and regret it almost always. But I personally think it’s important to feel comfortable and cool with yourself in the public eye.

A friend of mine, Nash Oh (founder of NYC based clothing brand NASH NY) has been styling most of my press and album cover art since 2021. I wore pieces from his second collection during my performance opening for Tourist at Zone One in 2022.

I’m looking forward to his third collection which I imagine is unveiling soon.

I’m also a fan of Adsum - they gifted me a jacket of my choice just in time for the Eldia Summit we held at the Rooftop in May.

Telfar’s newest Eastpak collection is also a staple for me now. It’s a perfect size and fits around my body really well - and holds my essentials.

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