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    Curated Playlist: 1tbsp

    The latest project of electronic music shapeshifter Maxwell Byrne – 1tbsp presents a jittery and eclectic selection of dance cuts.

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    Stage Clothes with Uffie

    We talk stage clothes with Uffie → dressing to fit the mood, stealing a hat from her son, mixing femininity with streetwear and leather

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    Thursday·HiFi™ 2023.10.12

    This week's livestream features an assemblage of new tracks from the Elseworld – including 1tbsp, a club-ready EP from Sam Gellaitry and punk up-and-comers English Teacher.

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    Curated Playlist: SPELLLING

    Bay Area pop experimentalist SPELLLING presents an enchanting collection of tracks meant to capture the magic of changing seasons.

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    Stage Clothes with Be Your Own Pet

    We talk stage clothes with Jemina Pearl from Be Your Own Pet→ over-the-knee patent leather boots 👢, getting custom dresses made by her seamstress mother, rubber fetish wear inspo, and dressing like a dominatrix

  4. Members only

    Thursday·HiFi™ 2023.10.05

    Staff picks from the Elsewhere hive-mind, and selects from friends in our Discord #💽music-chat channel → featuring whiplash-inducing bloghaus, vocal ecstacy and an AOTY candidate

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    Curated Playlist: Eden Prince

    Eden Prince brings us a top-to-bottom listening experience featuring his favorite house and disco cuts.

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    Stage Clothes with Ambar Lucid

    We talk stage clothes with Ambar Lucid→ Getting style help from her girlies, cowgirl 🤠 boots, & being raised by the internet

  7. Members only

    Thursday·HiFi™ 2023.09.28

    Carrie Brownstein, acid house and Genesis Owusu's life story headline this week's round-up of tracks from the Elsewhere staff + community

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    Curated Playlist: Genesis Owusu

    Genesis Owusu's life story in a playlist → featuring an array of beautiful tunes from Outkast to Jockstrap

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    Thursday·HiFi™ 2023.09.21

    Staff picks from the Elsewhere hive-mind, and selects from friends in our Discord #💽music-chat channel → featuring the nightcore revival + standout drops from Eartheater and DJ Koze

  10. Members only

    Curated Playlist: Jarreau Vandal

    The ultimate pre-game hype playlist from Jarreau Vandal → loaded with fun house flips, bangin' amapiano and NY drill galore.