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    Thursday·HiFi™ 2024.01.25

    This week on the HiFi 📡 – big tunes from Justice, Sammy Virji and Mk.gee + Amapiano and a curated listening experience from Blockhead.

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    Curated Playlist: Blockhead

    Manhattan-based producer and local legend Blockhead gives us some inspo for his upcoming Zone 1 set.

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    Stage Clothes with Ninajirachi

    We talk stage clothes with Ninajirachi → getting inspo from mahou shoujo, finding gems at Australian thrift stores, and having a deep stylist rolodex

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    Thursday·HiFi™ 2024.01.18

    This week on the HiFi 📡 – tracks to keep you warm while Brooklyn is frozen over, 90s jungle classics, and new releases from Loukeman and Erika de Casier.

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    Curated Playlist: Mind's Eye

    One of the west coast's most exciting alt-rock acts – Mind's Eye presents some tracks they've been spinning on the road.

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    Thursday·HiFi™ 2024.01.11

    This week on the HiFi 📡 – tracks that made us pull out Shazam on the dance floor, Yé-Yé, plus new tunes from Cryalot and Snõõper .

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    Stage Clothes with Umru

    We talk stage clothes with umru → dressing like a cartoon character, the hat with headlights, having a twitter muse, and wearing pieces from cherished friends

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    Thursday·HiFi™ 2023.12.21

    This week on the HiFi 📡 – the elsewhere staff select their favorite tracks of the year

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    Curated Playlist: MEMBA

    The inspiration behind a sound that MEMBA has been developing for close to a decade.

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    Stage Clothes with Micky James

    We talk stage clothes with Micky James → a Bowie-inspired mustard suit, shopping at local vintage stores, and getting inspo from the greatest era of rock n roll.

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    Thursday·HiFi™ 2023.12.14

    This week on the HiFi 📡 – the elsewhere staff select their favorite covers/renditions, plus new tracks from Thy Slaughter, Tyla, and more.

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    Curated Playlist: Keys N Krates

    The trio give us a primer for their party series "Odd Soul" – chock full of their favorite house and dance tracks.