Thursday·HiFi™ 2023.08.31

Roundin up choice cuts → staff picks from the Elsewhere hive-mind, and selects from friends in our discord #💽music-chat channel


By Elsewhere@elsewherespace

This week on the HiFi ↓

Uffie - Oopsie / Alchemy
"loving these new songs from Uffie, totally walking the line between badassery and sillyness! especially hoping she plays Oopsie during her halloween DJ setMo, Marketing

Indigo Sparke - Burn
“my friend asked me the other day who are some great contemporary songwriters and i told her anyone who has ever dated Adrianne Lenker” Sophia, Marketing

“I could cry it’s finally out” –Max Parkinson via discord

Turnstile & BADBADNOTGOOD - New Heart Designs
“Turnstile is still in my top 5 fav shows I’ve ever booked easily (they’re my favorite live band)” –Baxter, Booking

Green Man - Bardo Pond (1997)
“Been going back in on an old favorite” Seany, Ops

Whitesnake - Here I Go Again (1982)
“RIP Bernie Marsden” –Baxter, Booking

Lost Girls - With the Other Hand
“Started following her career after seeing her while working at Elsewhere one night. The latest from her project Lost Girls went straight into my Fall playlist for this year.” Madi, Ops

Robert Turman - DISTANT DOSAGE
“New record from one of the all time greats. Been on repeat” Seany, Ops

gum.mp3 & Dazegxd - Mania
“Big jungle freak over here, these two have been bringing so much to the NYC dance scene” Jai, Content

Eartheater - Airborne Ashes (Eartheater & Aleksandir Remix)
“A hypnotic, siren song. probably why i can’t stop listening!” Hannah, Box Office

Genesis Owusu - STRUGGLER
–mike5710 on discord

Brain Tourniquet - …an Expression in Pain
Sam, HR

Charli XCX - Speed Drive (Ninajirachi Edit)
“Ninajirachi is an Elsewhere alumn going big in the festival circuit rn!” Mo, Marketing

Addison Rae - AR
“Full of old IDs from 2019, lots of people have been waiting on these tracks. look for the Charli XCX feature.” Mo, Marketing

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