Thursday·HiFi™ 2023.09.14

Thai Funk and bratz-core pop headline this week's round-up of tracks from the Elsewhere staff + community


By Elsewhere@elsewherespace

This week on the HiFi ↓

anamē, Lydmor - Someone We Used To Love

“I’ve had this on repeat. Something about how she says “fu^k” scratches an itch” -rsnrsnrsn, Discord Mod

⮑”this is dope! a well-placed, breathy “fu^k” goes a long way” -loowis via discord, Member

Tinashe - Bouncin

“Tinashe at elsewhere would be such a vibe. This music video is genius” -kristenmlondon via discord, Member

⮑”this energy would be terrifying” -jakebot3000 via discord

Rainbow Chan - Seven Sisters

“A bit different from what Rainbow Chan usually does but she threads between simmering and bubbling so well in this.” -husseinsafa via discord, Member

Crush - Jellyhead

“popped into my head yesterday outta nowhere and i can’t recall when/where i heard it … other than the 90s, generally haha” -Chris, Production

Mietze Conte - dreaming of your latte art

“If I made a kooky CGI movie, this would be the soundtrack” -Mia, Socials

Maisi, piri - head

“bratz core” -Hannah, Box Office

Nader Khalil - Wahda Wahda

“to get ready for Laylit weekend :)” -Arianna, Booking

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